U-Type Style 5060

Internally Flanged

U-Type Style 4060

Externally Flanged

These two styles of turbine to condenser connectors are used in power stations as a flexible connection between the turbine and condenser where bolting flanges have been specified. The "U" type configuration is a superior design which is long lasting and very durable. Constructed of multiple layers of reinforcing fabric and the finest elastomers available, these joints are custom fabricated by highly skilled craftsmen to exacting specifications and dimensional tolerances. Each "U" type expansion joint is designed and constructed for the specific application where it is going to be used, and can be provided with fabricated steel retaining rings specially designed for the connector. These retaining rings are employed to insure support against pressure, and to provide a tight seal to prevent collapse from vacuum conditions that exist in condensers.

The internal or external connector can absorb movements of 1" compression and 1/2" lateral.

Very often, due to piping interference, these expansion joints require field splicing services for a complete installation. La Favorite sees this process as the final step in the production process and as such can support its customers with a full compliment of field services. For more information please visit our pages on splicing services and Turnkey solutions.

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