Flexible Connectors

La Favorite produces a wide variety of Flexible Connectors used across an array of industries. From Bus Duct Connectors utilized by the power industry to Fan Connectors that help maintain proper internal temperature regulation on large sea vessels.

Flexible Bus Duct Bellows

La Favorite Ind. and it predecessors have produced the highest quality bus duct bellows and connectors for over 50 years. Our bus duct bellows are a highly flexible rubber and fabric connector used on large blower ducts to reduce and isolate vibration and to protect expensive electrical equipment from thermal movements. The multi-convolution construction allows for more than 1" of movement in any direction. These parts are carefully hand-built by our skilled craftsmen and employ the finest materials available for fighting the elements and destructive ozone conditions. La Favorite Industries' flexible products can alleviate duct movement problems in power stations and help ensure operational efficiency. 

We maintain standard sizes of forms for bus duct bellows that can be quickly put into production at a customers needs. Our custom manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer a wide range of options for any needs a customer may have. Please feel free to contact us with your specific needs by clicking here

Fan Connectors

Custom designed and fabricated lightweight connectors are available from La favorite in many configurations for use in air ducts and blowers at low operating pressures. Round or rectangular shapes, with or without convolutions, can be constructed for your specific applications. Generally very lightweight in construction, La Favorite fan connectors can compensate for movement and vibration, while being highly flexible. The highest quality rubber compounds and fabrics are employed in the construction of our fan connectors and can be suited to most needs.

Ordering information

When Inquiring at La Favorite for the proper type of rubber connector for your particular application we have established an inquiry form that will allow you to compile all the pertinent information we will need. It can be found here