On Site Splicing Services

La Favorite technicians are readily available for splicing and installation expertise, relating to both Dogbone and "U"- Type expansion joints. In addition, we can assist in planning the installation and through our years of experience can recognize common deficiencies in the condenser; such as misalignment and settling, that can lead to premature failure of the expansion joint, if not corrected or compensated for.

La Favorite Ind. regards the splicing process as an extension of the manufacturing process and is the final step in the production of either expansion joint. La Favorite field splices are as strong as the expansion joint itself, using a method that insures continuity and long life. The same quality materials used to manufacture the expansion joint in the factory are used to make the field splice inside the condenser.

Dogbone Expansion Joint splicing

The exclusive splicing method used by La Favorite was developed specifically for the Dogbone Expansion Joint and no other belting type product. It is NOT an adaptation of a conveyor belt lap type splice which is often employed by plants and contractors for a variety of reasons. The simple reality is that the Dogbone Expansion Joint is just that, an expansion joint. It's service conditions are vastly different than a conveyor belt or flue-gas joint. Our system of stair steps and intertwining of the core rope ensures accurate sizing and provides multifaceted surfaces for superior strength and adhesion. 

"U" Type Expansion Joint splicing

The splicing plan of a "U" Type Expansion joint begins long before the part itself is even put into production. Utilizing drawings of the expansion joint bolting pattern, schematics of the internal layout of piping and bracing bars and most importantly our customers input, we establish the best possible field splicing location. From here we begin planning the construction of the expansion joint to meet the exacting splice criteria. Our "U"-types leave the factory prepared for our specially designed splice procedure that rebuilds the expansion joint up to the dimensional requirements of the customers drawings.

It is important to note that we keep meticulous records of all of our service and product history. It is not uncommon for returning customers to have much less information on their own equipment than La Favorite does in its archive. From here we are able to quickly discern the best approach for parts construction and specific installation needs.